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List all websites:

Texas Veterans Commission, etc.

Give a simple step by step process to starting a business

Where to find resources

How to research for resources


I Want To Start A Business

Here are the Basics

Get a Domain Name (Hostgator)

-setup a business email through your host

Get a business Phone Number? Maybe or maybe not. 

Get a Host (Hostgator)

File For an LLC or Business type

Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Fact-Status

Get an EIN Number 

Business Banking Account

Accounting Software-Wave and Quickbooks

-Handles invoicing, online payments, payroll, expense tracking, tax organization

Look for Veterans Programs, Minority Programs, Women, Single Parents, etc. 

Start a website or ecommerce site. Hey I know a great company!

Start a Business Facebook Page. Also can add a Business Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. if you want. 

Claim your business with Google

Go To School



Tech School

YouTube-Quit watching cat videos!

Certification Programs-Google, Cisco, etc. 


Free entrepreneur classes for Veterans

Free tech training classes via Texas Workforce Commission and federal organizations. 



Do I Have Experience To Start A Business?

Look at the experiences that you have learned in other jobs or your current career. How do those skills transfer to your new career path?

Military Experience? Don’t forget to have someone help you translate those skills into civilian experience that will make you marketable. 

Hire people who can do things you aren’t good at. I once had dinner with another business owner who told me that once he embraced his strengths and outsourced his weaknesses, it allowed his business to grow and thrive to a international brand.



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