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About The Owner

About The Owner

I have had a varied career path, with experiences that have shaped me into a well-rounded individual. I grew up with musical parents and developed a passion for music as well and spent over 20 years pursuing my passion. After serving 4 years in the Marine Corps, I transitioned into a 20 year career that gave me opportunities to create skills in sales, management, visual merchandising, purchasing, business development, acquisitions, etc. where I honed an eye for detail and creativity. 

I am the father of three beautiful children and am the husband of an incredible woman. I give all glory to God!

Real World Experience That Helps You

Corporate Experience

I was able to learn what the super successful companies were doing to be successful. I learned, first hand, the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a huge corporation. I learned how good technology can enhance your company, but too much can hinder areas like customer service. There IS a balance to be had. 

Local Business Experience

I experienced the challenges of working for a local business. I learned what makes them so great but I also learned what areas can hold a “mom and pop” company back from thriving.

Visual Merchandising

Having been personally responsible for the visual merchandising and buying of product for showrooms across Texas, I learned how important it is to follow trends in your industry, but also pay attention to your local demographic when creating spaces for your business.


My career as a musician gave me experiences around the world, meeting interesting and high-profile people along the way. This gave me a love of communicating and collaborating with people around the world. As an artist, I stay curious and never grow stagnant in my thoughts.  

Throughout my career, I have developed a strong work ethic, dedicated to my craft, and a willingness to learn and grow. My experience in multiple industries has given me a unique perspective, and I approach challenges with a well-rounded skillset. I believe there is no higher purpose than to serve others. 

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